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Effortless integration of any external data source at scale

In 2020, our founders recognized the unaddressed challenge of integrating external data sources in a timely, cost-effective manner. We believe data is at the heart of innovative companies that push the world forward, but most companies limit themselves to internal data due to the technical barriers that come with unstructured, unbounded data. Datastreamer is removing those barriers and empowering the data teams who look for insights buried under mountains of unstructured data. We’re accelerating the adoption of small and wide data by making the sourcing, transformation, and enrichment of data from third-party vendors the easiest part of your roadmap.

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Building the data pipeline of the future

ETL processes and traditional data pipelines aren’t built to handle the size and complexity of unstructured data. That leaves most companies to build these data pipelines in-house which is often a prohibitively expensive process. So, we set out to build a turnkey platform that makes it easy for data teams to integrate unstructured and external data. Our team is a collective of curious experts that are tackling big technical challenges so that your team can focus on analyzing data instead of fighting with it.

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