Meet Our Team

The Brains Behind the Datastreamer Platform

The backbone of Datastreamer is the tight knit crew of data-loving problem solvers who make up our team. Our roadmap of pushing the boundaries of the data pipeline industry would not be possible without brilliant individuals who bring a hunger for tough challenges. Members of our team were the ones who corrected the teacher back in high school. Many of them have one or two PhD’s or Master’s. Despite their overabundance of grey matter, they are humble and personable.

We take pride in our diverse and dynamic team, knowing that it’s our collective strength that makes us truly exceptional. Humor and creativity are encouraged here, as we believe that we work best when we’re enjoying what we do and having a bit of fun. We’re grateful for the incredible people that are part of our journey to transform the way businesses use external data.

A Diverse Team Unified By Common Attributes


Our team is distributed from coast to coast along Canada. We're a team of self-starters who thrive in a culture of autonomy and ownership.

Data-Loving Experts

Our team includes inventive data scientists, NLP experts, AI enthusiasts, and code-wrangling developers with a shared passion for crafting unique data solutions.

Relentless Innovators

We're hungry to tackle big technical challenges. Our team is constantly experimenting with new technologies to deliver solutions that feel effortless for our customers.

To Craft The Data Pipeline of The Future

At the core of our mission is the belief that data should be easily accessible and actionable. Organizations increasingly recognize the importance of data-driven decisions, but only 25% of companies report that they are able to create value from unstructured data. Our turnkey data platform is revolutionizing how businesses leverage unstructured external data by removing the technical complexities and prohibitive costs of traditional approaches.

How's Our Taste In Music?

Our band is always hard at work to create harmonious data pipelines and develop cutting-edge AI models. Here’s a taste of the soundtracks that leave us inspired and get us through our daily work. Some of us are into classics, or pop hits, and of course, there’s our resident metalhead who always has something headbang worthy on the playlist.