2024's Best News Data APIs | Feed Searchable News Data Into Your Own Tools


Juan Combariza

May 2024 | 8 min. read

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Top Picks

  1. Datastreamer: Greatest Data Utility
  2. Opoint: Most Comprehensive Global Coverage
  3. Socialgist: Ideal for Multi-Source Monitoring (Forums, Blogs)

Real-Time & Historical News Data for Insights

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Why You Should Adopt APIs for News Data

We live in an era of information overload. Real-time news data increases rapidly by the second. However, gathering insights from massive global sources is challenging, and businesses need actionable information to make data-driven decisions towards business goals. 

APIs for News data help collect valuable insights relevant to diverse fields like threat intelligence, financial risk management, and business intelligence. In fact – the Global Customer Analytics Market is predicted to touch USD 29.8 billion by 2026. 

To deliver actionable information, intelligence platforms or teams can leverage a news data API to sift through dynamic online news articles to extract competitive insights.

Uses Cases for a Customizable News Feeds

Many companies featured here provide platforms for news media monitoring, complete with visual interfaces that enable instant queries of data from worldwide news sources. For those looking to integrate data directly into their own systems, APIs are essential. These APIs facilitate the customization of data flows and the adaptation of delivery mechanisms to suit specific infrastructures. 

The listed APIs are designed to help teams incorporate data streams into their unique systems or analytics tools, such as for these use cases:

  • Threat intelligence: Configure a news data monitoring API to track information about specific threats like political instability, cyberattacks, phishing scams, and potential vulnerabilities. OSINT news articles help you corroborate data from other sources. APIs for news data can feed these insights into your product to pass on to customers through timely alerts and response strategies.
  • Consumer Trend Insights: Media monitoring solutions often cater to brands keen on capturing the latest shifts in consumer interests. APIs can be used to systematically sift through vast amounts of global news data to identify emerging trends in consumer behavior such as preferences for sustainable products. Incorporating these insights into their service offerings, a media monitoring team can offer brands detailed analyses that highlight new opportunities for product innovation.
  • In-House Monitoring for Sales Intelligence: News data APIs can help generate leads and identify potential customers. For example, an intelligence team at a legal firm can monitor niche news data sources and blogs to identify changes in legislation that trigger market opportunities. Business stakeholders can be notified via alerts and armed with intelligence based on the incoming news data.

List of Top News Data APIs to Feed into Your Own Tools

1. Datastreamer – Best for Insights Products

Datastreamer - API for Real-Time News - Example Query

Typically, news data providers make it easy to retrieve data via their APIs. Still, most intelligence platforms require multiple data sources (often more than 6). Integrating each feed takes ~5 weeks, which prolongs project timelines significantly, making the independent management of web & social APIs a slow-to-market disadvantage. A pipeline platform offers pre-built infrastructure that saves time for developers and increases the utility of purchased data.

Why Use A Pipeline Platform Over Individual APIs

One API Query to Access News Feeds from Multiple Vendors 

Merging online feeds from various data providers into a single API platform significantly lightens the workload for your developers and analysts. This cohesive strategy allows organizations to track real-time news alongside other data streams like financial market data or specialized forums. With your audience active on diverse channels, it’s crucial to ensure this flexible data coverage to fully understand their behaviors.

  • Additional data feeds include social media, forums, blogs, review sites and more. 

Add New Data Value with Plug & Play Engineering Components

Human generated content will inevitably come with irrelevant noise. This can be drastically reduced with NLP models that are trained to pick up on contextual nuances to reduce false positives. 

  • Instantly deploy NLP models such as location inference or entity recognition on multiple languages.
  • Activate “traffic control” elements like JSON metadata filters and conditional routing.
  • Harness enterprise-level data management with visual pipeline tracking and debugging options.

2. Opoint


Opoint offers real-time global news API solutions with easy integration options across different API delivery methods. The platform finds over 3,000,000 articles daily and gives you access to structured data.

The platform’s solutions cover media monitoring, compliance, business intelligence, and financial services. You can set up unique custom queries and leverage actionable data from global news and social discourse channels, including the hidden deep web. Opoint’s historical search capabilities find great application in trend forecasting.

Also, the Opoint News Portal is an intuitive and user-friendly platform with adaptable dashboards and features such as customizable news reports.

Opoint Data Sources

Opoint collects data daily from 240,000+ global news sources and 220 jurisdictions.

Opoint Coverage Details

Update FrequencyHistorical LengthLanguagesOutput Format

Hourly, Daily, or Real-Time

20 Years

120 languages


Opoint – Natively Provided Enrichments

  • Entity Extraction, Topic Categorization, Sentiment Analysis, Readership Metrics


  • Pricing details are not publicly available. You can request a pricing quote via email.

Free Trial

  • Contact Opoint to request a free trial.

3. Newsapi.ai


Formerly known as Event Registry, News API is an easily integrated platform for archival and real-time news data. This platform uses NLP and AI to give users structured data from comprehensive sources with all ethical considerations in place. 

Like Opoint, News API offers seamless integration with your existing workflows and tools. The platform finds applications in data mining, market intelligence, risk management, and media monitoring.

News API also gathers article metadata and additional information with features like semantic annotations, event detection, categorization, and entity extraction. Plus, News API’s sentiment analysis offers robust insights into consumer opinions. The platform’s clients include big names like Disney, Barclays, IBM, and Bloomberg.

News API Data Sources

News API collects data from 150,000 news publishers worldwide.

News API Coverage Details

Update FrequencyHistorical LengthLanguagesOutput Format
Near real-time (within minutes)

8 to 10 years (since 2014)

15+ languages


News API AI Data Sources

  • Entity extraction (people, locations, companies), Topic categorization, Sentiment analysis, Readership metrics (social media shares), Event clustering (related articles), Similarity detection (duplicates or near-duplicates), Source metadata (location, popularity)


  • Pricing starts at $90/month
  • Higher pricing tiers cost $3000/month or more (customizable)

Free Trial

  • Sign up on the News API website for a free trial to access available API endpoints

4. Socialgist


Socialgist ranks among the other top news data APIs specializing in comprehensive data from social media and online conversations. The platform collects data from landing pages, news sites, forums, blogs, message boards, listicles, video portals, reviews, and comments.With access to huge historical data archives, Socialgist is great for trend analysis and competitive intelligence. The partners include StockTwits, Quora, Tumblr, WordPress, and DISQUS. 

Notably, Socialgist offers detailed coverage of 1000+ Chinese News Data sources.

The integration features and customizable platform let you access the specific data you need, under one roof. 

Socialgist Data Sources

Socialgist collects data from 25,000+ news sites, including 1000+ Chinese specific News Sites.

Socialgist Coverage Details

Update FrequencyHistorical LengthLanguagesOutput Format

Real-time, continuous

Depends on source

Primarily English or Chinese


Socialgist – Natively Provided Enrichments

  • Entity extraction (people, products, brands, companies), Topic categorization (custom taxonomies), Sentiment analysis, Demographic information (age, gender, location), Trend analysis, Clustering by topic


  • Pricing is not publicly available
  • You can request a pricing quote via email.

Free Trial

  • No free trial

5. Webz.io


With over 90,000 users accessing Webz.io’s data, this platform is a leader in transforming big web data into structured, actionable information. Webz.io’s news data API is useful for tracking mentions and media monitoring, risk intelligence and mitigation, and financial analyses.

This news API is especially good at extracting social signal data from query results, including engagement and platform data. Webz.io can crawl the darknet, collect contextual data, and structure it into a machine-readable format. 

It provides full-text analytics for the pages it crawls and boasts of usage by companies like Salesforce, Kantar, Brandwatch, and Sprinklr.

Webz.io Data Sources

Webz.io collects data daily from over 3.5 million articles and 300,000+ news sites.

Webz.io Coverage Details

Update FrequencyHistorical LengthLanguagesOutput Format

Real-time (on-demand)

10+ years

170+ languages


Webz.io – Natively Provided Enrichments

  • Entity “smart extraction” (who, what, where, when), Article categorization (industry standards like IPTC, machine learning algorithms), Sentiment analysis


  • Pricing is not publicly available
    Custom pricing based on specific requirements

Free Trial

  • Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo

6. Perigon


Finally, Perigon is another top news data API on our list. This platform analyzes over 1,000,000 articles daily and is great for public figures/celebrities, companies, publishers, and authors.

Perigon collects web content data in real-time. The data is structured and primed for LLMs and the platform is reputed for their high accuracy in news categorization.

The use cases include financial services (including a blockchain and crypto News API), media monitoring, risk intelligence (misinformation and threat detection), and AI analysis for research and trends. The platform’s clients include AllSides, ConsumerAffairs, The Economist, SBD, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Perigon Data Sources

Perigon collects AI-enabled data from over 146,591 sources worldwide.

Perigon Coverage Details

Update FrequencyHistorical LengthLanguagesOutput Format

Real-time (up to the minute)

3 Years +

23+ languages including translation support


Perigon – Natively Provided Enrichments

  • Entity extraction (events, companies, people), News categorization (using machine learning and AI), Sentiment analysis (fine-grained sentiment scores)
  • Story distillation, article summarization, and dynamic geolocation


  • Pricing starts at $225/month (basic plan)
  • Higher plans for commercial use start at $24,000/year

Free Trial