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Socialgist Chinese Blogs

Provider: Socialgist
Accessible social data for you to get access to the world’s public online conversational data.

This source is available as part of the Socialgist Chinese Online Conversational Data bundle.


Delve into a world of unfiltered opinions and in-depth discussions with Socialgistā€™s comprehensive Chinese blog data collection. Our service aggregates content from over 2,000 diverse Chinese blogs, capturing the pulse of conversations.

From niche interests to mainstream topics, our dataset provides a window into the vast array of perspectives, trends, and insights that blogs uniquely offer. Harness this rich resource for nuanced understanding of public sentiment, emerging trends, and influential bloggers in various domains.

Socialgist Chinese Online Conversational Data Bundle

Get access to this source and more with Socialgistā€™s Chinese online conversational data bundle, encompassing a diverse range of platforms: from Blogs with comments, product review sites, message boards, online video platforms and news portals. Our extensive collection spans over 50 review sites, more than 200 popular Chinese message boards and forums, over 1,000 Chinese news sites, and 2,000 blogs. Each day, we harvest over 2 million data points, creating a rich tapestry of conversations and opinions.With a vast archive encompassing 25 months of data, Socialgist offers unparalleled depth for trend analysis, market research, and consumer sentiment studies.

Our platform is designed for precision and flexibility. Utilize our extensive metadata fields to tailor your search. Whether you’re zeroing in on a specific discussion through Thread ID (thread.id) filtering or casting a wide net to capture every mention of a keyword, our index is your gateway to understanding the global conversation.

Aggregation is just as powerful and insightful. Identify the most prolific contributors with author ID (author.id) aggregation, or track how often your product is mentioned over time, gaining invaluable insights into brand presence and consumer trends.

Socialgistā€™s dataset is not just about quantity; it’s about delivering quality insights that empower businesses, researchers, and marketers to make data-driven decisions. Hear what the world is saying, understand the trends shaping the market, and gain a competitive edge with Socialgist’s comprehensive online conversational data.

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