Datastreamer 6.5 is Revolutionizing Data Integration

Versatility is key, and with the exciting launch of Datastreamer’s innovative 6.5 release, our dynamic API has tripled its functionality to bring complete turnkey data solutions to your business! The original Datastreamer platform allowed you to stream incredible volumes of data, but with 6.5, we’re rolling out two new processes to allow Datastreamer to ingest and manage a variety of data sourcing methods and APIs to meet your pipeline needs better than ever. By allowing you to access data in ways tailored to your individual needs, Datastreamer 6.5 will maximize your potential, and give you the data you need in minutes, not months.

Innovative Datastreamer sourcing

Datastreamer’s original API offers full access to billions of pieces of data from millions of sources, integrated to your system to allow custom filtering and aggregating to suit your current needs. Full functionality of our system with access to our data partners is essential for monitoring and analysis and gets you the data you need in a fraction of the time.

Need more sources?

On top of our original function and data partners, we have implemented a new range of databases and archives with a turnkey system fully managed by Datastreamer. By partnering with data providers with the highest quality APIs, your data sourcing process is streamlined for full optimization, with access to blogs, forums, databases, archives, records, news, and more, with millions of data points per second.

Our new data partners include:

Have your own existing data sources?

Further diversifying your data sources, Datastreamer 6.5 includes a new compatible system to allow you to reach beyond our data partners for a complete turnkey solution that saves you months of time and cost. Have a specific partner you wish to use alongside Datastreamer? We can use your API key and funnel this data into your system privately either alongside or separate from our data sources, depending on your preference. And what’s even better? It’s all in the same place, so you can sort through data from all sources, without changing platforms.

A new Classifier Partner

Along with our new data sourcing capabilities, Datastreamer has Classifiers structured specifically to accommodate our platform. Often, Classifiers aren’t an economical option when handling large quantities of data. To circumvent the cost, our Classifiers can run on a query-by-query basis. For Datastreamer Version 6.5, we have teamed up with Private AI to implement their “Redaction” Classifier to detect and anonymize personal information, alongside Datastreamer’s own “Sentiment” Classifier.

What does this mean for your business?

More data. More security. More options. A DIY approach leads to heavy application of your product engineering team, months of effort, and immeasurable cost. But Datastreamer funnels data straight to your product, giving you access to millions of data points per second from a vast range of partners. Now, it’s easier than ever to access and organize large quantities of data, maintain your data integrity, and streamline your processes to cut your time down to minutes, instead of wasting months to get the information you require. Our redesigned documentation even highlights each data source on its own technical page for complete transparency, clarity, and ease of application. Datastreamer 6.5 is officially live, and available for use at Contact us today to learn more about our ground-breaking new processes or request a Demo to see how Datastreamer can revolutionize your business.