iThreat takes Internet Monitoring Services to the next level with the Datastreamer platform

Industry: Threat Intelligence & Risk Detection

About iThreat

For over 20 years, iThreat has been at the forefront of threat signal monitoring for client organizations and their assets. Their solutions detect, investigate, find and mitigate threats to their customers.

The Need

iThreat wanted to improve the speed, coverage, and accuracy of its reports for clients. Detecting threats accurately and quickly are vital to assist analysts in the reporting process. To accomplish their goals, iThreat needed a technology partner to feed the massive real-world data needs of their SignalAlert offering, driven by their FusionCenter platform.

The Solution with Datastreamer

The Datastreamer platform was implemented, providing iThreat with the core data for their SignalAlert service. This brought billions of pieces of data together to create a pipeline for iThreat analysts. iThreat also integrated the Datastreamer API into the FusionCenter platform, allowing iThreat analysts to set up a process for quickly gathering, sorting, investigating and reporting key security threat signals.

The Results

Using the Datastreamer platform as their data source, iThreat was able to greatly expand the reach and visibility of their detection program. Analysts are now able to filter and aggregate large data sets improving the accuracy and speed of risk identification, and their ability to investigate the threat actors behind the threats.

Faster Speed to Market

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