Connect Unstructured Data to Your
Legal Intelligence Products (90% Faster)

For intelligence teams that drive insights for lawyers and business leaders in their firm, Datastreamer saves you months of engineering work when integrating external data suppliers – so you can focus on ROI instead of ETL.


Law Firms Are Leveraging Web Data for Actionable Insights

We help legal intelligence teams build products like:

Federated Queries for Research Gathering

An intelligence team looking to streamline the research process may want to build a custom search interface that pulls from different legal sites, web data aggregators, and databases to extract relevant information for case strategy.

Real-Time Monitoring for Market Intelligence

An intelligence team might aim to proactively feed opportunities for business leaders to pursue by developing an automated alert system that notifies the firm of changes to tax regulation, corporate scandals or M&A activity to ensure a prompt awareness of market triggers.

Real-Time Monitoring for Competitive Intelligence

An intelligence team aiming to enhance competitive intelligence might seek to develop a monitoring system that continuously tracks competitor activities across multiple online platforms, including legal news sites, social media, and court record databases.

Integrating External Unstructured Data is Slow and Expensive

Building pipelines for each unstructured data source can take 720+ hours of engineering time 1

metadata gaps

Lack of Standardization

Different sources deliver data in diverse formats. Unifying structures through custom scripts and manual normalization drains engineering time.


A Need for Contextual Understanding

Unstructured text requires NLP or other ML models to refine data for faster extraction, or expand insights with added context in the metadata.


Upfront Infrastructure Costs

Integrating massive real-time data streams takes weeks of work from technical teams, leading to a piled-up backlog of integration efforts.


Continuous API & Pipeline Maintenance

Sustaining pipelines that channel data into your product require constant maintenance and heavy infrastructure to support.

We Handle The Pipelines, You Focus on Product

Datastreamer pulls unstructured data from different sources and delivers it to your products in the structured format you need.

Unify Schema Unstructured Data Graphic

Unify Your Unstructured Data

With automated ingestion & schema standardization, Datastreamer helps you unify data from multiple sources into a standardized format that is ready for analysis, NLP enrichment, or LLM’s.


Schema Standardization: Datastreamer excels in real-time conversion of incoming data to a standard schema.


Data Consistency: Handle various data types including text, PDFs, CSVs, and more to ensure consistency across content.

Datastreamer Sources

Integrate External Data in Minutes

Simplify integration through pre-built connectors to databases and top data vendors, ensuring effortless connectivity and interoperability.


Managed Connectors: Pre-built connectors for select partners take minutes to integrate with zero maintenance required.


Vendor Agnostic: Plug any data supplier (or API feed) into our platform and leverage our robust pipeline management capabilities. 

Operations Graphic

Enrich Data with NLP or LLM's

Datastreamer outputs organized data that is ready for enrichment, enabling contextual understanding and nuances in language for more accurate insights.


Datastreamer Components: Instantly apply pre-integrated AI models from Google, Cohere, our own data scientists, and more.


Other AI Models: Push data to other models (i.e. training your own models), with uniformity in data ensuring optimal performance.

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