Why is Maintaining Data Integrity so Important?

In the supercharged Digital Age, the health of your data is essential. Think of it this way: you could have millions of pieces of data to support your business, but if you can’t access it easily or ensure its accuracy, it’s functionally useless, time-consuming, and expensive to work with. 

What is Data Integrity?

There are several factors that make up the integrity of your data. The primary ones are:

• Accuracy
• Accessibility
• Organization
• Security
• Longevity

With these in mind, we can build a better idea of what it means to have sound data integrity. At its core, data integrity is the overall consistency, reliability, and accuracy of your data, alongside your digital security. This is regulated by a series of systems and procedures that make sure that your data is safe from outside threats, streamlined, and permanent.

Threats to your Data Integrity

There is a wide variety of issues that can threaten your data, beginning with the most obvious: cyber threats. With the rising degree of malware, spyware, viruses, and hacking across all personal and professional levels, there’s no guarantee of the safety of your data without iron-clad protection. Through these avenues, your data can be stolen, corrupted, or edited without your permission or knowledge.

The other general threat to your data integrity is simple errors. From human mistakes to server failures or corruption, there’s no end to the accidents that can cause the loss of essential information.

This means that you could be missing critical data your company needs, or you could even be using incorrect information for official purposes without being aware of the compromise, both of which have devastating consequences. Using a platform like Datastreamer, secure storage of your data protects it from loss, accidental corruption, and malicious interference.

How do you Increase Data Integrity?

It starts with organization. By implementing a single API capable of streamlining your information in an easily-accessible dashboard, your data is at your fingertips. Datastreamer is a platform that hosts a comprehensive API designed to source, enrich, and funnel your data in a secure manner, increasing data collection and streamlining the data pipeline. 

Not only does it allow you to source secure, qualified data from millions of real-world sources, but Datastreamer saves clients on average a total of $700,000 per annum. Now that’s just smart business. It’s time to ensure the health of your data and secure a stronger future in the era of information.