Datastreamer allows Media Sonar to source and deliver power social insights faster

Industry: Threat Intelligence & Risk Detection

About iThreat

Through their Web Intelligence and Investigations platform, Media Sonar Technologies transforms social media information into insights that reduce the online threat footprint for their clients.

The Need

The goal at Media Sonar Technologies is to provide insights in a reliable, accurate and efficient manner. However, collecting and sifting through considerable amounts of social media data is an extremely data intensive process that can take a lot of time and resources. As a result, Media Sonar Technologies was seeking a way to provide their reports more quickly and accurately.

The Solution with Datastreamer

Media Sonar Technologies chose the Datastreamer platform to filter and aggregate their clients’ social media data. The company’s developers were able to set up the platform with a single API call so it could aggregate and show trends and information clouds, as well as highlight rising topics.

The Results

With the Datastreamer platform in place, Media Sonar Technologies has been able to substantially reduce the amount of time and resources previously required to collect and sift through social media data, while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the insights they provide their clients.

Faster Speed to Market

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