Predict the Future with Datastreamer's New Intent Classifier

Datastreamer uses a secure API to streamline your data intake and enhance your data integrity, but with the new 6.5 platform release, it does so much more. From a variety of new data partners to funnel information straight into your pipeline to a new redaction classifier, Private AI, the latest version of the Datastreamer platform enhances every aspect of your data. But the latest and greatest addition to the platform is our newly released General Intent Classifier, a smarter way to gather data insights.

What is the General Intent Classifier?

Simply put, intent classifiers identify a person’s intention to perform a certain action. For example, a company may use the General Intent Classifier to find out if people are planning to purchase their product in the near future. Alternatively, it can identify the opposite – that someone plans to avoid something.

So what does that mean for business? Through the massive quantities of data that Datastreamer provides, over 56,000 new pieces of data per second, companies can quickly and easily sort through the information and build a database of specific public intentions regarding their industry or product.

How does an Intent Classifier work?

Classifiers add value to individual pieces of information, making it possible to search and filter through mass amounts of data. Our Intent Classifier uses a neural network to perform transfer learning – a type of machine learning that gathers information from one source, and applies that information to new tasks. In this case, the AI uses its understanding of language to determine what someone is trying to say, and therefore identifies a person’s intention. Developed by our expert Data Scientist Nadia Conroy, it began as a way to identify future online threats with a focus on immediate intent. Armed with the AI and a rich career in technology, data classification, and natural language processing, Nadia tailored it into a General Intent Classifier to fill a gap in the market and support the needs of a vast range of businesses. The classifier focuses specifically on data that is personal, immediate, and general in order to cast a wide net without losing track of the key messages. Now, no matter your enterprise, Datastreamer can decipher the public’s intentions with your product or industry.

How does it integrate within Datastreamer's API?

Like any other classifier, the General Intent Classifier is a filter which can be applied to any data search. Datastreamer was designed to save time and resources, while providing enriched data through a fully-integrated turnkey system. This makes it simple to get the insights you need, even in the vastness of the digital world. Simply add your intent query alongside the name of your business or industry, and Datastreamer will help you keep your finger on the pulse. 


The General Intent Classifier has been in effect since July 2022, and can be used to filter data faster and more comprehensively than ever before. Contact us today to book a demo.