Increase Coverage, Reduce Noise

Threat Intelligence products require near-time pipeline capabilities.

Increasing coverage, increasing speed, reducing noise. These demands of a data pipeline are critical for threat intelligence products.

Datastreamer brings a component-based Pipeline, capable of handling over 500,000 unique pieces of content per second and reducing repeated integration efforts of new sources and models.

What our customers are saying

Leverage Unstructured Data

Utilize Datastreamer's Pipeline capabilities to leverage data sources and AI operations from multiple partners or internal, all within a single step.

The Datastreamer Pipeline

Engineering and development teams regularly spend an average of 3 months focused on the creation of pipelines for each unique source entering the organization. 

Organizations that use Datastreamer’s Pipeline to integration, enrich, and deliver data to their products and systems see effort reductions by up to 95%. These gains are realized by leveraging Datastreamer’s pre-built Pipeline and available components from partners. 

Streamlining the Pipeline behind the best industry products.

Faster Speed to Market

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