Use Generative AI to Fill Holes in Your Schema

Missing metadata shouldn’t leave extremely valuable data unused. Based on user prompts, UnifyAI extracts and generates metadata fields to simplify knowledge retrieval from unstructured text data.

Built for Unstructured Data:


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Working alongside organizations that extract insights from unstructured text, we realized that incorporating Generative AI to create metadata can drastically reduce workflow time and enrich data with new value.

We've built an interactive demo for you to see the magic first-hand, and are inviting the data community to give us feedback to help shape the tech.
Ted Naseri
Head of AI, Datastreamer

Accelerate Data Structuring with LLM's

metadata gaps

Closed Metadata Gaps

By filling in missing metadata, UnifyAI guarantees completeness and correctness in data representation.


Consistency Across Documents

Ensure coherence by standardizing metadata fields across various documents.


Precise Metadata Generation

UnifyAI effortlessly creates metadata fields, adding valuable context to every piece of data.


Integration with No Fuss

As a component within Datastreamer, UnifyAI seamlessly integrates into your workflows with automated pipelines.

Examples of Schema Enrichment:

Organize Product Categories

Unstructured Data: Social Media & News Data Streams

To better understand consumer trends, a customer may want to break down mentioned products by category. UnifyAI can extract and classify products by generating metadata fields with categories, organizing data with retail-centric insights.

Extract Deadlines from Documents

Unstructured Data: Documents

Documents contain key information like deadlines and policy numbers. A user can define the schema of their desired fields and UnifyAI will build a complete, searchable document metadata.

Find Stock Tickers of Companies

Unstructured Data: News Articles, Forums, Market Datasets

A user may want to see stock tickers or other identifiers for companies mentioned in articles, forums, or sanctions models. UnifyAI can generate those fields using its pre-trained technology.

Unify Schema Unstructured Data Graphic

Unify Your Unstructured Data

With automated ingestion & schema standardization, Datastreamer helps you unify data from multiple sources into a standardized JSON output that is ready for analysis, NLP enrichments, or LLM’s.


External Data: Integrate external data suppliers in minutes with our managed connectors.


Documents: PDFs, CSVs, or any text data can be unified with our robust pipelines.

Generative AI prompts unstructured data

Design Schema & Set Prompts

Design prompts in plain English, and UnifyAI will dynamically generate metadata fields. This provides a customizable approach to extracting relevant information from unstructured data.


We’re here to help: Tell us about your use case and our experts can help you with schema design and prompt engineering, feeding results to your pipelines as a turnkey solution.

Let UnifyAI Work Its Magic

UnifyAI outputs an organized document structure enriched with the requested metadata fields – which facilitates analysis and adds new insights to the data.


Relevant Metadata: Built for large scale pipelines, so results include necessary metadata fields without extra “fluff”.


Data Consistency: Results match your designed schema to ensure consistency and completeness across documents.

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