Datastreamer Debrief: May

In this month’s debrief we discuss:

  • Transitioning from machine learning academia to industry
  • Tips from McKinsey on harnessing external data
  • An article that analyzes the vendor landscape for data pipeline tools
  • How you can help guide our roadmap

📣 Shout out to Sharvari

First off – we have to shed light on one of our team members. Our data scientist Sharvari Dhote was recently an event panelist for the Toronto Women’s Data Group, and shared her story + tips regarding the career transition from academia to industry in machine learning.

This is what one of the attendees said about her talk:

I had a great time learning from these data professionals. Top 3 tips from Sharvari:

  1. Communication skills are so important!
  2. Writing skills – she wrote a blog to demonstrate technical skills.
  3. Being engaged on LinkedIn increases visibility to recruiters and hiring managers!

– Susan Shu Chang via a LinkedIn post. 

We’re proud to see our teammates actively involved in the data science community.

💡 Industry Insights

Curated insights from industry news, reports, and expert perspectives.

1. Tips from McKinsey analysts on harnessing external data

  • In a report titled “Harnessing The Power of External Data“, McKinsey analysts explore the rising benefits and organizational challenges of leveraging external data.
  • A key takeaway is that they suggest using existing data platforms as an alternative to procuring third-hand data through an in-house team.
  • Quote: “A more effective strategy involves using data platforms. These relationships can give organizations ready access to the broader data ecosystem through an intuitive search-oriented platform”

2. OpenAI introduces a revolutionary new feature, again 

  • OpenAI publicly released an update to ChatGPT that enables third-party plugins to be used within the app. Think of it like an iPhone app store for ChatGPT.
  • This can be seen as a move from OpenAI to retain market share amidst the explosion of new LLM apps being released. Instead of competing with use-case specific AI developers, they are providing a platform for them to reach users.
  • In return, this keeps users on ChatGPT so as to protect their position as the market leader.


Link to news release

3. Industry statistics on unstructured data adoption

Komprise compiled a report titled “The State of Unstructured Data Management“.

Some of the key stats from their surveyed respondents:

  • In 2022, 87% of IT leaders rate managing unstructured data growth as a top priority, up from 70% in 2021
  • A majority (65%) of organizations plan to or are already delivering unstructured data to big data platforms.

📝 Datastreamer resources

Recently published articles by our team to propel your data strategy forward.

Article: Vendor Analysis of Data Pipeline Tools

Data pipeline tools simplify the creation of data pipelines into a low-code, quick go-live process. This article analyzes the vendor landscape of these products and highlights the best-fit solutions for different data projects. Read the article here: Data Pipeline Tools Comparison

💬 A message from our VP of Operations:

As a product-led startup, interacting directly with our community informs our roadmap. Here is a decision our product team is facing right now where we could use your help: 

Tyler Logtenberg

Tyler Logtenberg,

VP of Operations, Datastreamer

“There is a long list of partners asking to be added to our platform. To prioritize and cut down on the backlog we’re reaching out to customers and prospective users to ask which integrations would drive immediate value to your product. You can view the list here and let us know if any of them were already on your radar.”