Tap Into External Data for Insights in Minutes, not Months

Our prebuilt pipeline components reduce the engineering time required to integrate and enrich third-party data feeds into your apps & reports.



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"By 2025, 70% of companies will shift their focus from big data to small & wide data"

Source: Gartner

When building in-house, data teams run into common obstacles that lead most unstructured data projects to be abandoned or unprofitable:

Build 95% Faster

We've automated the most time consuming aspects of data ingestion and transformation

Reduce Operating Costs

On average, our customers save 3 to 6 months of time and ~$750,000 annually

Get High Quality Data

Our partners provide data sources that our platform transforms to suit your needs

Generate Revenue

Integrate our platform into your product to feed models or provide improved insights to customers

We Handle the Pipelines, You Focus on Product

Pull unstructured data from different sources and deliver it to your products in the structured format you need.

Unify Schema Unstructured Data Graphic

Unify Your Unstructured Data

With automated ingestion & schema standardization, Datastreamer helps you unify data from multiple sources into a standardized format that is ready for analysis, NLP enrichment, or LLM’s.


Schema Standardization: Datastreamer excels in real-time conversion of incoming data to a standard schema.


Data Consistency: Handle various data types including text, PDFs, CSVs, and more to ensure consistency across content.

Datastreamer Sources

Integrate External Data in Minutes

Simplify integration through pre-built connectors to databases and top data vendors, ensuring effortless connectivity and interoperability.


Managed Connectors: Pre-built connectors for select partners take minutes to integrate with zero maintenance required.


Vendor Agnostic: Plug any data supplier (or API feed) into our platform and leverage our robust pipeline management capabilities. 

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Enrich Data with NLP or LLM's

Datastreamer outputs organized data that is ready for enrichment, enabling contextual understanding and nuances in language for more accurate insights.


Datastreamer Components: Instantly apply pre-integrated AI models from Google, Cohere, our own data scientists, and more.


Other AI Models: Push data to other models (i.e. training your own models), with uniformity in data ensuring optimal performance.

Every second, our platform handles:

Integrating new data sources is as simple as a parameter change.

We deploy strict protocols and infrastructure to keep data secure and private.

Our average Datastreamer customer ingests 8+ unique data sources concurrently.

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