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See full HTTP(S) requests for domains that engaged in abuse.


See full HTTP(S) requests for domains that engaged in abuse. Example fields include user-agent, request headers, full URI path, and requested hostname. An example use of this data is to apply the requested URI against domains you identify as suspicious to detect new phishes.

Use Case

  1. Cybersecurity and analysis: Security professionals can utilize our data to analyze trends in DNS abuse, develop threat intelligence, and enhance their defensive measures.
  2. Law Enforcement: Agencies can leverage our information to investigate cybercrimes and take legal action against operators of abusive domains.
  3. Research: Academics and researchers can access our data for studies on DNS abuse patterns and the effectiveness of sinkholes.

About CleanDNS

CleanDNS is at the forefront of the fight against DNS abuse and online harms with our Sinkhole by providing vital information and actionable insights into DNS and web traffic derived purely from abusive domains. We work with registry and registrar clients to mitigate malicious domains by moving them to our sinkhole. This stops the harm and reduces victimization while DNS and web traffic from the abusive domain to gain insight and prevent further harms. We’re Cleaning up the Internet for Good.

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