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Tisane Abusive or Problematic Content Detection

Provider: Tisane Labs
Automatic detection of problematic content in text


Tisane Labs is a Swiss army knife for detection of problematic content in text. 

More than just “filter for abuse”, Tisane detects:

  • Insults and cyberbullying
  • Hate speech
  • Sexual advances
  • Attempts to lure users off the platform and establish contact
  • Mental issues and suicidal ideation
  • Allegations
  • Criminal activity (selling/buying illicit or restricted items, stolen data)
  • Disturbing descriptions
  • Adult only topics
  • Provocations
  • Profanities


All that in 35+ languages, supporting slang and obfuscated text (adversarial text manipulation).

Additionally, Tisane provides standard NLP functionality for all the supported languages like:

  • Entity extraction (standard entities like person, organization, date, website, email; Crypto addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, MAC addresses, software)
  • Topics
  • Sentiment

Use cases

  1. Scan your community or a social media portal to make sure there is no problematic content.
  2. Detect allegations or smoking gun evidence in an internal investigation.
  3. Scan content for brand safety before publication advertisements, or scan content near the advertisements.

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