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Enhance Your Business with Datastreamer

No matter the industry, Datastreamer fuels your data pipeline. With the exciting 6.5 platform release you can unlock endless amounts of data in minutes, instead of spending months collecting the information you need. Our new data partners provide a huge variety of unstructured data, funneled through our dynamic APIs to make sense of the vast quantities of information. So not only does Datastreamer source the information  and data you need Рwe organize it, too.

Access external data sources effortlessly with our pre-integrated components

Millions of data points per second are at your fingertips. Our data partners connect you to databases, archives, news, records, and more, covering countless subjects to feed your needs. 


Twingly gathers social data on a global scale. Covering blogging platforms, social networks, forums, and the darkweb, they compile unstructured data from active sources for a complete scope of international online environments.


With almost 200k global news sites under their lens, Opoint transforms online newsfeeds into structured data, ready for you to use with no extra steps. And what’s more, their system enriches information with metadata right from the start.


Vital4 provides massive quantities of comprehensive data to screen employees and business relations through Global Watch Lists, Adverse Media, and more to ensure your due diligence to protect your business from corruption, thievery, and bribery. 

Private AI

As a Classifier partner, Private AI rapidly detects, redacts, and modifies personal data to safeguard your identity, and your clients. This allows you to share data with essential analytics and data science teams, without compromising your security. 


With nearly a decade in the data industry, WebSightLine is a world leader in high-volume data collection. They deliver social and world data via their high-throughput infrastructure, built around a highly parallel cluster design. 

With the power of our partners at your back, the most important questions are here: how does that relate to my industry, and how does that help my products?

Marketing & Technology

Blogs, news, social media, archives, forums, and more. Find out what people are thinking, saying, and doing with regards to your product to allow intelligent adaptation with real-time unstructured data organized and enriched by our APIs.

Research & Product Development

The key to reliable NLP (Natural Language Processing) comes from rich, machine-readable data. With Opoint, global news from hundreds of thousands of sources is filtered through Datastreamer and straight to your systems  and products, to optimize your pipeline and enhance your NLP.

Cyber Security

From acquiring OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) to protecting your identity, cyber security is one of the fastest adapting industries. Datastreamer allows you to get the data you need in minutes, allowing you to act now, without the delay of a months-long information gathering campaign. And with the ability to redact information with 99.5% accuracy with an NLP-derived solution.

What does this mean for your business?

Across every industry, data integrity and collection is essential. Where data collection and organization can take months of effort and cost, Datastreamer brings you the data you need in minutes, without the need to find your own data partners. The data you need, when you need it, without the hassle. Let Datastreamer pave the way to your future with turnkey data solutions and our dynamic array of data partners bringing you the data you need in minutes, integrated directly within your own systems