Datastreamer Unveils New Innovations with the 6.5 Release of its Global Data Pipeline Platform

Significant advances in Datastreamer’s data pipeline platform enables companies to access billions of pieces of unstructured data and add new data partners in a matter of minutes.

July 14, 2022 –  Datastreamer, a leading data pipeline platform solution provider, today unveiled the evolution of the Datastreamer Platform with its 6.5 version release. New capabilities announced include enhanced compatibility to ingest a company’s existing or integrated data partners and an expanded offering of world-class data partners and data classifiers that can run on a query-by-query basis. This revolutionary platform release allows companies to access a streamlined data platform solution tailored to their existing internal data sources, needs and infrastructure.

“It’s very simple for companies to use one data source or one ML model to fuel their product. However, when they want to add additional data sources, the complexity increases, resulting in duct tape solutions, a greater need for product engineering resources and higher infrastructure costs,” said David Strucke, CEO of Datastreamer. “Today’s announcement is a significant step forward in advancing Datastreamer’s turnkey data pipeline solution. When a company needs to add more internal or external unstructured data or launch a model, this becomes an effort that takes just a few minutes vs a few months. The entire pipeline from data source to product is done and ready-to-implement.”

Datastreamer’s announcement included the expansion of its world-class data partner and classifiers network:

  • Twingly – Social data including blogs, archives, forums, vk, and dark web across all countries
  • Opoint – Access to more than 20 years of historical news data from one of the world’s largest online news sources
  • Vital4 – Risk screening and monitoring data from sanctions, criminal records, pep databases, and adverse media
  • Private AI – Providing a “Redaction” data classifier, which detects and anonymizes personally identifiable information
  • Datastreamer – Contributing sentiment classification for identification of customer opinion


“Datastreamer is excited to expand our data pipeline partner network to include these best-in-class data providers, and to offer our customers limitless unstructured data sources to choose from based on their product or industry,” said Tyler Logtenberg, Vice President of Operations at Datastreamer. “The 6.5 version release ensures we can provide new data sources or supplement pre-existing data partnerships for our customers through one unified platform, along with classifiers that run on an economical per query basis.”

Datastreamer’s 6.5 release includes redesigned documentation for each data source on its own technical page for complete transparency, clarity, and ease of application. Additionally, Datastreamer offers a trial of their platform API with a $300.00 USD / 60-day credit.

Datastreamer 6.5 is officially live, and available for use at

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