Socialgist & Datastreamer Partner to Make Conversational Data Integration a Seamless Experience


Juan Combariza

December 2023 | 5 min. read


Toronto, December 12, 2023 — Datastreamer, a platform that is revolutionizing unstructured data adoption, and Socialgist, the largest index of human-to-human conversational content, proudly announce a partnership that is set to reshape the way businesses integrate and utilize online conversational data.

Structuring Diverse Online Data for Actionable Intelligence:

Socialgist, with its extensive array of web and social data streams, is a trusted source amongst industry-leading insights products and analyst teams. Datastreamer automates the pipelines that connect unstructured data into intelligence products, freeing engineering teams from the need to build complex infrastructure.

With Datastreamer’s pre-built connector to Socialgist, organizations can minimize the upfront time investment needed to tap into a broad range of real-time content streams at scale. Furthermore, data professionals can use Datastreamer to combine Socialgist streams with other unstructured sources such as external PDFs or Dark Web data. Merging billions of data points from different sources into a homogenous structured format enables federated queries, unified dashboards, filtered feeds, and an unparalleled speed-to-insight for teams that work with unstructured data.

“We’re thrilled to give our customers the advantage of connecting to the same data feeds that already fuel some of the biggest names in the media monitoring space” says David Strucke, CEO of Datastreamer. “Together, we are creating a synergy that will simplify how businesses access and interpret the wealth of conversational data available in the digital realm.”

“There are impressive innovations from Datastreamer, such as metadata enrichments with LLMs, that have broadened the scope of what organizations are able to do with unstructured data” said Justin Wyman, CRO at Socialgist . “We anticipate that pre-built pipeline functionalities will open the doors for a broader audience to extract insights from online conversations by eliminating technical integration hurdles.”

Effortless Connectivity and Enhanced Analysis

As the significance of media monitoring escalates across industries – with a forecasted tripling in company investments by 2030 [1] – the need for nuanced analyst investigations and real-time data interfaces becomes more pronounced. Datastreamer and Socialgist stand at the forefront of this evolution, providing the critical data infrastructure necessary for these applications. Their combined solution not only streamlines the normalization of unstructured data but also ensures that the final output is flexible and enrichable, which is paramount for use cases that involve training predictive AI models or integration with existing data frameworks. The core ethos of this partnership is the democratization of complex data, transforming it into a powerful tool for innovative business intelligence.

“Socialgist will bring distinct data channels to our customers, such as review sites for ecommerce intelligence or the ability to filter through Chinese-based news and message boards for detailed tracking” adds Tyler Logtenberg, Co-Founder at Datastreamer. “Like assembling lego blocks, our users can select data from Socialgist, and then apply components such as translation or PII redaction, simplifying the journey from a pile of text data to polished insights.”

About Socialgist

Socialgist is at the forefront of data collection, connecting the analytics community with a wealth of public, online conversational data from social media and key online platforms, including forums, blogs, message boards, reviews, and videos. Offering the option to use over 200TB of indexed data in more than 32 languages, or to collect data from specific sites upon request, our service acts as a gateway to understanding market trends, consumer opinions, and global discussions. This offers invaluable insights for businesses, researchers, and marketers.


About Datastreamer

Datastreamer’s unstructured data pipeline platform sets engineering teams free from the most time-consuming aspects of data ingestion and transformation. Founded by data scientists and analytics experts, Datastreamer simplifies the integration of complex data sources that traditional ETL tools don’t support. Organizations are empowered to turn diverse data into ready-to-query insights with fully managed connectors from a network of data partners. As the backbone of industry-leading data products, businesses leverage Datastreamer to train specialized AI models, perform KYC/AML diligence, extract market insights, monitor threat intelligence, and more. For more information, visit

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